The Ultimate Guide to the SAT: 100 Helpful Sites and Resources

Every year, high school students with dreams of college admissions and scholarships wake up early on a Saturday and subject themselves to the SAT, one of the most nerve-wracking tests they’ve taken so far in their lives. The test requires lots of preparation, practice, and confidence, and there are plenty of resources available to students who want be be prepared. Here, we’ll look at 100 sites and resources that are designed to help students achieve the best SAT score they can get.
So are you looking for exam prep? need a 800 on  a section? 2400? Then this is the site you've been looking for.


These are some of the really well-established sites that offer a wide variety of incredibly helpful SAT resources.

College Board SAT Preparation Center: Visit the College Board website to get an official practice test, question of the day, and more.
SparkNotes: The SparkNotes SAT test center is a wonderful resource, including a mini SAT, vocabulary novels, power tactics and much, much more.
Number2: Visit Number2 to get a free SAT companion tutor complete with monitored progress, a word of the day, and more.
LearnHub: LearnHub’s SAT resources include a question bank, lessons, tests, and more.

Vocabulary Review

Many of the SAT resources online focus on vocabulary, offering words to study, tests, and more.

Vocabulary Tests Online: Here you’ll find a variety of resources designed to help you pass the vocabulary portion of the SAT.
5,000 Free SAT Words: This simple site offers 5,000 vocabulary words to learn from, and an audio version to learn from as well.
Hard SAT Crosswords: Here you’ll find crossword puzzles featuring SAT words.
SAT Vocabulary Builder: Use this site’s vocabulary builder, and you’ll be able to use their flash cards and printable resources.
Vocab Test: Build your SAT vocabulary with the help of this website.
Vocabulary University: This source has the top 180 SAT and ACT words, and offers puzzles to help you learn them.
English Usage Practice Playsheets: Brush up on your grammar and vocabulary with these playsheets.
SAT and GRE Vocabulary Test Prep: Sheppard Software shares a few vocabulary quizzes here.
Wordsmyth SAT Dictionary: Wordsmyth offers a huge collection of frequently used SAT words and their definitions.

Practice Tests

Assess your skills and become more familiar with the SAT by taking these practice tests.

SAT Test Practice Questions: This resource offers an in-depth self-assessment test for the SAT.
SAT Test Preparation Practice Exercises: Test your ability to do well on the SAT test with these practice exercises.
Sentence Completion Quiz:’s quiz is a great tool for testing your writing skills.
Yahoo! Education SAT Test Prep: Here you’ll find sample questions for writing, math, and reading.
English Test: This site has more than 1,000 vocabulary tests, many of them focused on SAT words.
PrepMe: This test preparation service offers a few diagnostic tests.
Morrison Media: This site has plenty of SAT tests and drills to offer, including vocabulary and math. SAT Preparation: Visit this site to test your skills at SAT math.
Peterson’s Free Practice Test for the SAT: Peterson’s allows you to take a timed, full-length SAT practice test, and offers detailed answer explanations for every question. You can even log on and off. 

Test Prep
These sites offer test preparation, which is great for improving your all-around skill for the SAT.

ProProfs: Visit ProProfs, and you’ll be able to take advantage of study guides, practice tests, cram sheets, and more.
Study Hall: Study Hall’s free program allows you to take practice tests, learn more about the questions, and set a unique timetable.
SAT Exam Prep: In order to enjoy this site’s SAT resources, all you have to do is register.
Major Tests: Use this site’s hundreds of practice questions and vocabulary development resources to improve your SAT score.
eNotes: eNotes offers SAT practice tests, drills, vocabulary, and more.
Ivy Bound: This tutoring service has a number of free resources available online.
Study Guide Zone: This test prep site has study guides, writing practice, practice questions, advice, and more.
Study Programs

Make use of these courses and tutoring programs to improve your score and knowledge.

ePrep: ePrep’s courses offer a video-based study system.
Huntington Learning Center: Get tutored for the SAT from Huntingon Learning Center.
The Princeton Review: The Princeton Review offers in-person tutoring, tools, and a variety of online options.
Kaplan: Kaplan’s test preparation program includes a free SAT QuizBank, practice SAT, SAT games, and more.
Accolade Prep: Learn all about the SAT online from qualified experts, including a 2,400 scorer, in this course.

Put these tools to work to make studying for the SAT just a little bit easier and more fun.

FutureU: Get this game for the Nintendo DS and you’ll have fun studying for the SAT.
SAT Tip of the Day: Bookmark this page to get a little bit of SAT help at a time.
Pocket Prep Interactive Handheld Tutor: Use this handy gadget to study for the SAT wherever you go.
Texas Instruments Test Prep Solutions: Use your graphing calculator to get ready for the SAT with these downloadable tools from Texas Instruments.
Guides & Advice

Here you’ll find a wealth of information that will help you study for the SAT.

SAT Summer Study Guide: Here you’ll find a rough schedule for SAT studying over the summer.
Sentence Improvement Strategies: Use this resource to practice improving your sentences.
SAT Tips: Here you’ll find a printable list of SAT tips.
SAT Test Forum and Information: Check out this forum to talk to others who are studying for the SATs.
Essay Strategies: Yahoo! Education has some guidelines for writing a good SAT essay.
How to Score High on Your SAT Exam: Follow this how-to guide that suggests you take the PSAT and be prepared on the day of the test.
SAT Test Day: College Board offers some useful advice for being prepared on test day.
Error Identification Strategies: Check out this resource to learn how you can easily spot errors in the SAT.
6 Ways to Tackle the New SAT: This article has some great advice for adjusting your SAT strategy.
SAT Essay Advice: Go Long!: This article recommends that you make an effort to write a lengthy essay portion on the SAT.
How to Do Better on the SAT: Check out this how-to to find out what steps you should take to master the SAT.
Grid-In Strategies: This resource will help you make sense of the SAT’s grid-in questions.
How to Survive the New SAT: Newsweek explains how to do well on the newly-revamped SAT.
Practical Advice and Test-Taking Tips for Students Taking the New SAT: In this press release, College Board explains a few strategies for doing your best on the new SAT test.
Problem Solving Strategies: Find out how to tackle the math section’s problem solving questions by following this guide.
Scholar Holler SAT Preparation and Advice: Visit this site to learn all about the SAT, what you’ll need to succeed, and a few resources that can help.
How to Easily Increase Your Test Score: Admissions Consultants offers a wealth of advice for doing well on the SAT.
SAT Prep Advice for Juniors: Here you’ll find some timely advice for high school juniors from ePrep.
Advice about taking the SAT: Get advice from some parents who have already been through the SATs with their children.
The SATs: How to Prepare: This article explains what the experts have to say about getting prepared for the SATs.
Long Reading Comprehension Strategies: Ace the long reading comprehension section of the SAT using this strategy guide.
Wikipedia’s SAT entry: Wikipedia’s coverage of the SAT offers an in-depth look at the test’s history, changes, and different sections that you’ll have to take.
Free SAT Prep: This site is full of advice and information about taking the SAT.
SAT Problem Solving: Time Management: This article explains the concept of time management for the SAT.
Short Passage Reading Comprehension Strategies: This guide offers some helpful strategies for doing well on the short passage reading section.
Eat Your Way to a Higher SAT or ACT Score: FastWeb discusses nutrition as a study tool.
7 Resources for Preparing for GRE or SAT Vocabulary: Here you’ll find a handful of simple resources you can use to build your SAT vocabulary.
Eleven Tips to Help Your Child Prepare for Tests: This article offers advice for parents of students taking the SAT and other standardized tests.
Sentence Completion Strategies: Read this guide to learn how to do well in sentence completion.

These articles shed light on the SAT, and are great for helping you devise strategies and better understand the test.

How SATs Work: Visit this HowStuffWorks article to get the lowdown on the SAT.
The New SAT: Yahoo! Education explains what’s changed in the new SAT.
Are My SAT Scores Good Enough?: Read this collection of advice articles from to find out if your scores are up to snuff.
Frontline: Secrets of the SAT: Here you can read about PBS’ coverage of the SAT.
The SAT: Questions and Answers: FairTest offers a frank look at the SAT.
Preparing for the SAT/ACT: FastWeb discusses a number of ways that you can prepare for the SAT.
SAT Prep Resources: The Seattle Times offers a number of helpful resources that will help you prepare for the SAT.
About the New SAT Test and SAT Exam: This article offers an in-depth explanation of the new SAT test.
SAT, ACT, and Test Optional Admissions: Here you’ll find some simple advice to consider when applying to test-optional schools.
Low SAT or ACT Scores? These Colleges Don’t Require the Tests: If your scores are low or you don’t have enough time to take the tests, consider applying to these schools that do not require test scores.
Martha Allman’s Great Speech on the SAT: Read what Martha Allman from the admissions department of Wake Forest University has to say about making the SAT optional at their school.
Taking the SAT Again: This expert recommends that students take the SAT at least twice.
Prescription: What To Do After the First SAT: Ivy Bound has some recommendations for specific post-SAT situations.

Use these books to get practice and build your SAT knowledge.

The Official SAT Study Guide: Published by the College Board, you’ll find a wealth of information to prepare you for the SAT, including eight practice tests.
11 Practice Tests for SAT and PSAT: With this book, you’ll be able to get lots of practice, using 10 practice SATs and 1 practice PSAT.
Barron’s SAT 2400: Aiming for the Perfect Score: Check out Barron’s guide to acing the SAT, including critical reading strategies, math formulas, and essay help.
Up Your Score: The Underground Guide to the SAT: This guide offers advice from students that "destroyed" the SAT.
Cracking the SAT: In this book you’ll find strategies for every question type, a list of frequently used vocabulary words, and access to online tests, lessons, and drills.
Critical Reading Workbook for the SAT: This book concentrates solely on the critical reading section of the SAT, offering an overview, vocabulary, practice exercises, and more.
How to Prepare for the SAT: Pick up this book to get an overview of the test, create a personal study plan, and take advantage of full-length practice SATs.
500 Key Words for the SAT, and How to Remember Them Forever!: Give your SAT vocabulary a shot in the arm with this book.
The Official SAT Question of the Day Calendar: Use this calendar to give yourself an SAT brain teaser once a day for a year.
Increase Your Score in 3 Minutes a Day: SAT Essay: This low-committment book will help you incrementally increase your SAT essay skill level.
The New SAT: Writing SparkChart: Master the SAT’s new writing portion with this handy quick reference guide.
Kaplan SAT Math Workbook: In this SAT workbook, you’ll get 2 realistic math tests, hundreds of practice questions with explanations, concepts, techniques, and more.
Vocabulary Cartoons: SAT Word Power: This book makes learning and memorizing SAT words fun eand easy.
Writing Workbook for the New SAT: Barron’s book gives you an overview of the new SAT writing portion, as well as review chapters and writing tests.
The New SAT: Math SparkChart: With this SparkChart, you can print out a handy guide to math strategies, concepts, and formulas.
Increase Your Score in 3 Minutes a Day: SAT Critical Reading: This book will make the SAT critical reading portion both fun and easy.
Sparknotes: The New SAT: Read this online book from Sparknotes to get an in-depth look at the new SAT.
10 Real SATs: Here, you’ll find exactly what’s promised — a book full of real SATs that you can practice your skills on.
New SAT: Critical Reading SparkChart: Download this printable SparkChart to get a valuable and easy to use reference for SAT critical reading.
Extreme SAT Flashcards Flip-O-Matic: You’ll be able to master some of the toughest vocabulary words to appear on the SAT with this set of flashcards.
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